Hey photographer...

I am going to let you in on a secret: you don't have to feel overwhelmed and consumed by the "PICK ME, PICK ME" energy when attracting your clients.

My 52 Week Email Drip Campaign creates a nurturing, EASY relationship that magnetizes your dreamy clients right into your inbox to say, "YES, PLEASE SIGN ME UP!"

So many of my clients have said “Well, if they don’t respond I just don’t book them”... and my mind explodes each time! We, as an industry, are leaving so much potential (ahem, MONEY) out there floating in the ethers. This is why I created the 52 Week Magnetic Client Vortex!

 We’re here to secure those bookings, make magical artwork, and run a profitable business! It takes a consumer AT LEAST 7 times to see an offer before they decide to buy. Why are we dropping the ball after one email? No more! I’ve done the heavy lifting and created an entire YEAR’S worth of nurturing, love, and dreamy client attraction into an email drip campaign just for you!

When you are ready to soar into a  six or multi six-figure photography business grab yourself the 52 Week Magnetic Client Vortex!



Creating a 

after you first inquiry is the missing piece to
your pie! 

Create such a

where the client needs to book with you!

tired of posting on social media all the time and seeing no increase in bookings

Do you feel:

you are wasting time, and energy that are better focused on other part of your business

you are leaving money on the table by not consistently following up with your leads

exhausted with creating new content, especially writing weekly newsletters

Stand out in a crowded market and nurture your clients to book a session with you!

Establish yourself as the authority within your industry

Build a relationship with your clients

Drive Traffic to your Website

Increase brand awareness

Are you ready to:


Hey, I'm Alisa! I have created my dream life via photography. I am six figure photographer who spends half of my time in Colorado and the other half in Costa Rica. My photography business works for me, I am not a slave to my business.


Nurturing your clients is IMPERATIVE to growing your business and having an email drip campaign is your first step to creating your dream business. Don't let your potential clients slip away. Email addresses are GOLD, treat them as such!



This email drip contains a years worth of weekly emails or if you set them bi-weekly it could be 2 years of content!

Nurture your clients so they book you!

Treat each and every lead like a booked photo session because when you do they will BOOK!

52 Week Magnetic Client Vortex 

BONUS#1: 20 Lead Magnet Ideas

BONUS#2: Canva Beginners Guide 
BONUS #3: Done for you Lead Magnet

ONLY $123

That's 52 Emails Pre-written for you!

The Complete Guide to Hiring a Family Photographer